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Le Chocolat

Gateau Marcel 

Gateau Marcel

Gateau Marcel

Michaud's signature cake is made with his own chocolate, made from cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and Madagascar. The cake is produced in Denmark according to the original recipe. Gateau Marcel is created for chocolate lovers, parties and to simply have a good times. The cake is frozen so that it fully complies with quality and expectation when served. There are 8-10 servings in a cake, and it can advantageously, in the frozen state, be divided into two or more parts, and does not necessarily have to be eaten at once.


How to serve the cake:

Cut the cake, and serve each piece on the plate with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream and fresh orange fillet.

Le Chocolat
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" The delicacy of the chocolate makes you want to eat even more"

- Michel Michaud

Le Chocolat

A unique 70% chocolate, composed by Michel Michaud. The chocolate is made with cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic and Madagascar, and has a delicate crispiness from the first bite. In the mouth it gives a good, rich and long-lasting taste. A perfect balance between acidity and bitterness, as well as notes of red berries and fruit. The chocolate is available as minibars (13.5 gr.), 70 gr. bars and chocolate cooking buttons of 1 kg bag. The chocolate is perfect for hot cocoa, desserts like chocolate mousse, Gateau Marcel or just for itself.



The chocolate can be enjoyed with a glass of good port wine

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Le Chocolat supports Cocoa Horizons


For every chocolate product you buy, a part is reinvested in the training of local cocoa farmers, their agricultural tools, and helps the farmers to develop expertise in cocoa cultivation. It helps to improve the farmers and their families conditions of living on local cocoa plantations, while ensuring a high quality and a sustainable product.

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En passion

A passion

My great passion for chocolate goes back to my childhood in the city of Cognac in France, where I was born and raised. Chocolate has followed me throughout my career, and with a deep respect and understanding of good ingredients, quality and unique taste, I have now combined my experience and passion in these products.

Bon appétit!



If you desire a collaboration, projects, concepts, etc. please contact Michel Michaud by e-mail

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